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Doug Horsburgh

  • Personal Trainer
  • Fitness Instructor
Doug Horsburgh

Doug Horsburgh


As a Personal Trainer I’ve always been an advocate for living a healthy life.  My passion for the field lies within helping guide people to achieve self-efficacy to accomplish goals inside and outside of the gym. My goal as a trainer is to enable clients to succeed in their goals whether that be weight loss, increasing strength, balance, and/or mobility.

I’ve been privileged to work with a wide variety of clients, all unique with respect to their physical capabilities, disabilities and overall health.  Together through strategic programming to accommodate clientele needs, I look forward to providing exceptional enhancement in the quality of life of all clients.

Qualifications:      Diploma of Exercise Science

Client Testimonial:

A number of years ago I was diagnosed with a rare auto immune disease. The treatments and medications over many years were very taxing physically. Bone density as well as muscle tone were jeopardized. Energy level was at an all time low. The last time I saw a specialist in Edmonton, I indicated to her my concern about the muscle tone. Legs and arms were very thin at that time. She advised me that the only treatment for that was to build the muscle myself. There were no meds for that. She said join a gym and find a trainer. The trainer that I was lucky enough to hook up with was Doug Horsburgh. We did a scheduled two days per week and I did a third on my own. The workout was customized to my needs and never overdone. Doug could analyze my mood and energy level and would adjust the workout accordingly. Always very concerned about my well-being. As time progressed the muscle tone slowly returned. I couldn’t really notice it but others commented on the change in physical looks as well as posture. Measurements did change, so did the energy level. Medications changed as well. The severe medication went to zero as did the treatments. Other less toxic medications were lessened substantially.

Doug and I have discussed the progress realized through his planning and watchful eye and my commitment to regain control of my life. He says it was me, but you can’t reverse what we did without the dedication of a good trainer.   Thank You Doug.               – Derek Jensen

Hours of Availability:

Monday: 5am- 7pm
Tuesday: 5am- 7pm
Wednesday: 5am- 11am
Thursday: 5am- 5pm
Friday: 5am- 8pm
Saturday: 8am- 12pm
 Alternate hours available upon request.